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Winter checklist for maintaining your car

By December 1, 2009February 18th, 2020Advice, tips and helpful information
Winter is approaching, well the actual start date isn’t until December 21st.  But, the temperatures are falling fast and rain clouds are coming and going more frequently.  So, is your vehicle ready for the winter season?  According to’s Automotive Technical Editor, Rich Diegle, “[your vehicle] needs to be inspected and maintained on a regular basis. A well-maintained vehicle gets better fuel economy, is safer and is less likely to leave you stranded.” 
Here’s a checklist from ProCarCare to help you maintain your car throughout the wet and cold months.
  1. Check the drive belts for cracks, tension, and glazing.


  2. Check all fluid for condition, leaks and levels – replace as recommended by your owner’s manual.


    • Fluids including oil, coolant, brake fluid, windshield wiper fluid, auto transmission fluid, battery fluid and terminals, hydraulic clutch fluid (if equipped).


  3. Check or replace filters


    • Including air, oil, fuel, emissions canister, PCV, cabin air (if equipped).


  4. Brake systems check and service


    • Check brake components (pads, rotors, shoes, drums, hydraulic parts)


    • Check the brake fluid


  5. Check tires


    • Proper inflation – make sure to check the spare tire.


    • Abnormal, uneven wear – if so, get the vehicle aligned.


    • Check for damages – visible defects such as nails, cuts or bulges in the side walls


    • Rotate, if needed. (rule of thumb, every other oil change or 5,000 -7,000 miles).


  6. Replace wiper blades, if needed.


  7. Check lights and horn


    •  Test the brake lights, turn signals and headlights on to make sure they work properly and have enough illumination.


    • Tap the horn a few times to make sure it sounds loudly every time.


This information provided in this article is for information purposes only and is not intended as legal or professional advice.