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Traveling Tips for 4th of July

By June 28, 2010February 18th, 2020Advice, tips and helpful information

1.  Get an Early Start-  Getting out a day ahead of everyone else on the evening of July 1st or the morning of July 2nd will make for less traffic on the road and an easier, quicker and more relaxing drive to your destination.  Also, if you wait until July 6th (July 5th is the national holiday) to return then you will enjoy these same benefits on your trip home.

2.  Preventive Maintenance-  Make sure you have you vehicle tuned up before heading out on the road.  The last thing you want is to break down or blow a tire while driving.  Make sure your oil is changed, your tires have the proper amount of tread and are properly inflated and that your hoses and gaskets are in good working order.  Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

3.  In Drive Entertainment-  When traveling with the little ones, make sure there are plenty of things to keep them entertained.  Good things to have are books, multimedia devices (iPods, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP), CD’s to listen to and, if you want to splurge, a DVD entertainment system for them to watch movies on.  This will go far in helping you avoid the dreaded phrase all children love, “Are we there yet?”

4.  Proper Planning-  Remember to have your route planned out so that you can be efficient while travelling.  Bring a regional map along with you with details on the area such as where to eat, get gas and places to spend the night.  This will allow you to drive with the peace of mind of knowing where you are at and not having to worry about getting lost or off track.