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Start your car with iPhone’s new app

By October 15, 2009February 18th, 2020Aftermarket Products

Viper Smart Start is a new app that you can download for your iPhone to control your car.  With over 75,000 applications for iPhone, including apps for ordering take out, navigating and map questing, a vehicle control feature is a natural evolution.  According to Viper’s website,

With SmartStart, you can use your iPhone to pre-warm your car’s cabin in the winter, pre-cool it in the summer, lock and unlock your doors, arm and disarm your vehicle’s security system, open your trunk, and even find your car in a parking lot, all using your iPhone.

The application is free, however the hardware and service comes with a cost.  This product is exclusively available at Best Buy and they’re selling the product for $499, which includes the first year of service.  Thereafter, the service is $29.99 per year.  Unlike most factory remote keyless entry or starters, this application works pretty much anywhere and at any distance from your car, as long as you’re in the 3G cellular network or over Wi-Fi.  And, all your vehicles can be accessed by your one application, however the hardware would need to purchased and installed for each vehicle. 

With this product, you can share the same features as a luxury model in your economical, older model car, truck or SUV!  Who say’s you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

Is it really all that simple?  The application, yes; the installation of the hardware, no.  Professional installation is required by authorized retailers, which is Best Buy, as of now.  In addition, like all new technology, the Viper Smart Start being sold is the first version.  There will be more upgraded versions to come.  After the New Year, Auto Expert will be able to offer this product, including mobile installation.

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