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Helpful website to help manage traffic and your traveling plans

By October 5, 2009February 18th, 2020Advice, tips and helpful information

I despise traffic, especially Monday morning traffic. I normally don’t carpool because it seems that the two people I can potentially carpool with have fluctuating schedules, so having 1 car for 3 people just doesn’t work for us. And, I don’t have a hybrid vehicle. Therefore, the carpool lane is out for me. When sitting on the freeway, stuck in traffic, I’m always tempted to break the law and cross the double yellow lines. But, I stay true and sit tight in the frustrating lines of red! At least once a month, I travel to Orange County and LA for early morning meetings. In my experience, the 91 and 5 freeways always seem to be parking lots, even on a mid-week afternoon.

Luckily, my husband informed me of a very cool and interactive website. On the homepage, a map of the southern California freeways and main highways are displayed in primary colors of red, yellow and green. The colors indicate traffic traveling in a specific range of speed – red for less than 30 mph, yellow between 42-50 mph and green for speeds above 55 mph. There are also diamond symbols to signify any notices of collisions, hazards, lane closures, etc.

On, you can plan your route with either the fastest or shortest routes. And, you can access the site on your phone and, for iPhone users, there’s a web application just for you. The site also offers My Sigalert feature that saves personalized routes in which you can view up-to-the-minute speeds on your most traveled freeways. My Sigalert also has Traffic Alerts, in which the site will notify you via text or email when a problem arises on your route. This feature is only $19.95 per year and their offering a 2 week free trial.

Hope you enjoy this helpful site.  Thanks to my hubby for this tip of information!