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Texting While Driving

By September 24, 2009February 18th, 2020Advice, tips and helpful information

According to the Associate Press, the Auto Industry, including automakers like General Motors Co., Ford Motor Co., Toyota Motor Corp., and others, are supporting bans on texting while driving.  “The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers said Wednesday that using a hand-held device to text or make phone calls while driving represents a saftey risk and it supports the ban.”

As of January 1, 2009 the Wireless Communications Device and Wireless Telephone Law went into effect to follow the previous Hands-free law in July 2008.  Not only us it an infraction to talk on a cell phone without a hands-free device, it’s also an infraction to “write, send or read text-based communication on an electronic wireless communications device, such as a cell phone, while driving a motor vehicle.”

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New technology promises to make and receive texts while driving possible.  Some car companies, like Ford and Mercedes, include text-to-speech features in newer models.