It pays to trade-in with Auto Expert
If you’ve ever tried to sell a car, you know it involves more than posting a classified ad. It means phone calls at unexpected hours, and strangers visiting your home. Not to mention hours spent at the DMV transferring title of your vehicle, and the hassles of getting your car “smogged”.

Let Auto Expert handle the details. We’ll find the highest bidder, and we’ll save you a lot of time and hard work.

Here’s how it works:
1. Auto Expert appraises your car over the phone at "fair market" value.

2. This value is credited as the down payment on a new or used car.

3. You drive your old car to the local credit union, and drive home in your new car.


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The Auto Expert “Fair Trade” Promise
1. We’ll give you fair market value - We will never undervalue a trade as some dealerships do.

2. We’ll broker for your trade – We won’t stop until we find the highest bidder available.

3. We’ll do it quickly - You’ll get an appraised value for your trade within 48 hours.

Cars sold through Auto Expert are inspected by the selling dealer and not by Auto Expert and
it is the selling dealer’s responsibility to thoroughly inspect all vehicles before they are sold

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