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Interior sealants.
An interior sealant is a protective coating for the interior of the vehicle, for the seats, dashboard and carpet and is perfect for parents and pet owners.

The sealant “seals” the integrity of the material (fabric, suede vinyl, and leather) of the seating, dashboard and carpet from water-based stains (i.e. soda, fruit juice, coffee). Stains from crayons, lipstick or other non-water-based stains won’t be protected from the sealant. A clear protective layer does not alter the fabric texture, color or appearance of the material

The sealant material is applied on the vehicle’s seats, dashboard and carpet.  After the sealant is applied, it’s ready to drive!

If a water-based substance spills onto the “sealed” areas, all the member has to do is clean it up with water and a washcloth as soon as possible. A cleaner product is not necessary.

The interior sealant will help the member maintain a clean interior of their vehicle; maintaining resale value. Easy clean-up from water-based stains allows you to wipe up stains with ease – just use water!

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